Love-Hate Relationship

Saturday, October 2, 2010

I always heard people saying "Love-Hate relationship" but honestly, I don't really understand it until I encountered it recently. For those who having it, please do correct me, if my definition for it is wrong, or I misinterpret the term. LoL. ^.^

How should I start it ? Yap, let me give you an example of it. Sometimes I do feel irritated and annoying when I have to meet this particular person but by the moment I met him, what had expected was different from the real one. What do mean here is, I supposed to get scolded by him but at last, he ended up by giving me compliment. =.= llllll. For some reason, I love to work with him because he is a super hardworking person and his willingness to help but sometimes, he may overdo. Hey guy, I do need freedom to do my things but not work according to your mood. 

There were days when I was in a "Happy" mode but suddenly when I received a message and saw him face to face, definitely all will turn into "Moody" mode for unknown reason. It is not that I hate this person, but I just want him to understand my situation before judging on me. 

Another thing that causing me to be mad with him is his sincerity. I always doubt on his sincerity when he offered help to me. Am I thinking too much ? Nope. If he needs help from me, he will offered me unlimited things but when I was a liability to him, he will ignored me FOR FUN. 

However, I will always respect him if he respect me. He is still a senior to me, his experience and knowledge is much greater than me, but he just have to improve in his social skills, then he will be a better person. One semester to go, WISH ME LUCK !!! ^.^



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